Escape the heat with a whole house fan

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August 28, 2016

HR-082816-COVER-ISLAND-COOLING-AC-16Buddy and Ally Bird-well of Honolulu were , like many homeowners, searching for cool solutions to their hot home. Their home, par tly open beam and partly attic, seemed to get hotter every year, and the heat that was trapped in the vaulted area meant that it took a long time in the evening to cool down. The Birdwells, both scientists by training, spoke with their son, a mechanical engineer, who recommended against putting in an A/C, as it would be “throwing away money” to try and chill a room with an open beam ceiling and jalousie windows.

While at a building expo, Buddy talked with Ivan Whitworth of Island Cooling about the QuietCool whole house fan system. Installed in the attic, QuietCool sucks hot air out of the living space, draws fresh air into the home and blows trapped heat out of the attic. The wall-mounted control system makes it easy to use.



“I checked with my son, ” Buddy said. “He confirmed that the system would work for our home.”

Ally said they sometimes leave the system on to circulate air if they know they will be gone for a short while. At less than 60 watts of energy or $0.03 per hour, it’s one of the most efficient ways to keep the house from getting stuffy. If they are gone for a longer period of time, running the system on high for 15-20 minutes when they return cools the home fast.

A second system in the master bedroom is a favorite. “The bedroom fan is what we use at night, and we don’t need to run oscillating fans,” Ally explained. “We were looking forward to getting our home comfor table for retirement and this was the perfect match.”

“The fir st step for most folks is a site inspection of the home and attic space,” said Al Whit-worth of Island Cooling. “We size the fan systems based on the size of the home and area to be cooled.” Installation is often completed in less than six hours.

“In addition to ventilating the home,” he continued, “because QuietCool works with open windows, we can enjoy the benefits of increased air movement, reducing indoor odors, and keeping the home fresh.”

Island Cooling LLC is Hawaii’s distributor of QuietCool systems. Along with offering direct to the public and through retail partners, whole house fans are also available for self-install by building professionals and do-it-yourselfers.

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