HR-061916-Windows-Hawaii-1When it comes to qualities that set Windows Hawaii apart, customer service and superior products come to mind. But, according to general manager Mario Garcia, the business has always been customer service-oriented.

“Once people become our customers, they’re part of our ohana,” said general manager Mario Garcia. “We treat every customer as if they were our only customer.”

Potential customers can read reviews about Windows Hawaii on the company’s Google+, Customer Lobby and Yelp pages, as well as its own website. Many returning customers have noted their positive experiences with Windows Hawaii, in regards to both products and installation.

“Three of our windows were busted and couldn’t even open,” recalled customer Terry Silva. “We needed a major windows remodel, and the Windows Hawaii team delivered.


(The new windows) made our house look newer ; they even made our roof look better.”

Besides the quality products, though, Silva also chose Windows Hawaii for its un-beatable customer service.

“I really look for customer service, and Windows Hawaii made me feel comfortable,” Silva said. “Besides being courteous, the installation guys were timely, came with a game plan and meticulously cleaned up every day after they left.”

Garcia said it’s important for potential customers to research Windows Hawaii products and their quality of workmanship beforehand. But, once customers choose Windows Hawaii, they can know for sure they’re in the best hands.


“At Windows Hawaii, customer service is not a one-time thing — it’s inherent in the relationships we build,” Garcia summarized. “From the office all the way to our installers, our customers will experience excellent service every step of the way.”

Indeed, Windows Hawaii is a one-stop shop.

Customers not only buy products from the company, but they can depend on high-quality installation and warranties as well.

“If customers ever have any problems with anything, all they have to do is contact us,” Garcia said. “Other companies give you a number to call to get the parts and a separate number for installation. But with us, you get a lifetime installation warranty for the Alii Extreme windows and doors.”


For a limited time, new customers can currently take advantage of Windows Hawaii’s buyback offer. This promotion is exclusive to those experiencing Windows Hawaii for the first time during the month of June, said Garcia.

“We give $101 back per window that we remove,” he confirmed. “This offer only applies to the Alii line of windows and doors.”

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