Summer started early this year with the hot weather and soaring temperatures, but summer sales are already in full swing at Rui Construction Supply Inc.

Rui Construction featured a clearance sale on cabinets for all of May, during which cabinets were on sale starting from $50 per linear foot. For the next two months — all of June and July — customers will still be able to take advantage of this limited-time offer, according to sales manager John Xie.


“With this current clearance sales promotion, we don’t have any other promotion available, since it’s a good deal,” he confirmed. “We also have granites that are $99 per piece for a 9-foot slab granite. These are the two main promotions that we’re going to be featuring throughout the summer.”

Summertime also usually means the return of college students on summer breaks, as well as home projects and renovations.


“Because a lot of college students are coming home from school, homeowners are coming in to get their houses ready,” he said. “The summer is also a period of time after tax refunds, so customers can continue their renovations.”


Family vacations also are a traditional summer activity, and Rui often works on its customers’ homes even while clients are on vacation. Xie attributes this to the company’s great reputation and the trustworthy relationships the company has with its customers.

“We see a lot of cases where families plan vacations and they get their houses renovated during their vacation time,” he said. “Sometimes, customers give their keys to us, we clean everything when we’re finished and we hold onto their keys until they come back. We collaborate with them while they’re on their trip; we take pictures and send it to them. By the time they come back, they see a brand-new kitchen.”

Xie acknowledges that summer is always a busy time for the construction industry, especially because renovations usually slow down in the fall and winter months.


“Once you hit Thanksgiving, people get into the holiday mode,” he said. “They’re more into gift giving and celebrating with their families, not focusing on renovation projects. The busiest time for us is now, with all the summer holidays coming up like Fourth of July.”

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