HR-061216-BP1-4With new technologies and products on the market, it is now easier than ever to add value to your home with projects that pay you back in numerous ways.

Luxurious looks that are affordable

Contemporary trends of mixed materials, colors and textures, combining the look of rich, wood-stain shake or even stone in a variety of styles and patterns for foundation cladding or deck skirting can create a luxurious exterior and an increase in home value.

Guarding against weather and energy loss

Homeowner s often have no idea how much damage can arise from moisture getting into the home or the inflated cost of utility bills through energy loss. A yearly audit of windows, doors and jambs, receptacles, roof/gutter lines and other vulnerable areas can protect your home from expensive future repairs. The simple act of sealing these areas with the right caulk can make a huge impact. “There are quality long-life sealants that adhere to a variety of surfaces with excellent adhesion and joint expansion to keep moisture out and prevent heating and cooling energy loss,” said Alan Crupper, vice president of marketing for Red Devil Inc.


Standing water threatens property and health


The possibility of water seeping into the home is usually enough to scare any homeowner into action, but these days the Zika virus and other insect-borne diseases are driving solutions for removing standing water. In anticipation, the Wall Street Journal reports insect repellent production is expected to triple this year. There are new affordable advancements that can remove water in tight spaces like window wells or wide-open grassy areas where insects breed. “Look for water removal pumps with attachments on the top and side, so they fit anywhere,” said Jeremy Cantor, vice president of marketing for WAYNE Pumps.

As an example he said, “We designed one such pump called the WWB WaterBUG to be versatile and portable enough to remove any standing water on the homeowner’s property quickly and efficiently.” The payback: protecting the home from seeping standing water and keeping homeowners safe.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.