It is officially hurricane season, and also a good time to take a moment to see how wind-proof your current roof is. Imagine this: a high gust of wind peels back your roof during a big storm. All the water that comes into your home can flood your prized possessions and cause toxic black mold to start growing on your drywall. What could have been done to prevent this?

Depending on what type of roof you have here are a couple things that are good to look for when you redo your roof.

• Metal Roofs. They are very lightweight and often blow off from the perimeter of the roof where wind can get some leverage. Oftentimes the head of the screws that hold down the roof gets rusty and breaks off. Leakmaster Roofing removes these rusty screws and replaces them with new ones. The company can put extra screws on the edge to hold down that vulnerable area. Next, the company seals all the open panel joints with its strong reinforcing roof tape so no wind can get in-between the panels. Finally, the newly secure roof is coated to protect against further rusting.

• Flat Roofs. These have loose seams along the perimeter edge as well as the middle of the roof (see photo). When they peel back due to wind, Leak-master will tape them back in place with its roof tape with a strong bond. It then installs its Cool Roof Store Waterproof Primer to adhere the whole assembly. Next, the company seals up the rest of the roof with a silicone coating, which will not degrade.

• Asphalt Shingles. These can get old and brittle as the sun dries them out, and you often see them “checkerboard” off in the middle of a roof when a big gust comes by. Once you lose a few, it leaves the rest more vulnerable to high winds. Leakmaster Roofing cements down all the loose shingles with its Roof Repair Mastic, making sure to fill the gaps between all the shingles. It pays particular attention to the ridge shingles on the very top of the roof where the wind blows hardest.

• Wood Shakes. Wood shakes are especially known to blow off. Often the nails will rust out, after being surrounded by wet wood for years. Leak-master will fasten all your loose shakes, especially those pesky ridge shakes, and then treat your roof with a wood preservative that helps keep the water from soaking into the shake and rotting the wood. This will make your old shake roof look like new again.

With any roof, Leakmaster can help. Call for a free estimate.

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