Concrete, the Cinderella of flooring materials, has proven its durability, versatility, low-maintenance and beauty. It has earned a spot on center stage and shines with possibilities that are matchless among other flooring options. Concrete Surface Designs offers solutions to enhance existing concrete.

Don’t hide your concrete with other materials that will eventually require replacement. Polish the concrete for a glossy finish, combining high style and performance with easy maintenance. Concrete polishing machines grind off the surface of the concrete, exposing the aggregate — typically sand and stone — unveiling a stunning finish that will beautify your interiors, garage floor s or covered patio. They’re easy to care for : simply dust and wet mop regularly to preserve the shine.


Concrete flooring also is eco-friendly, resilient and resistant to mold and bacteria.

Dress up your existing or polished concrete with stains and dyes in neutrals like browns and grays, or go bold with dyes in blues, greens and reds. Get the luxurious look of large format tiles, without the hassle of grout, by scoring the concrete.

If your concrete is blemished with stains, cracks and patches, conceal them with a concrete overlay or a custom-tinted urethane coating. Overlays provide a blank canvas to create the look you desire. They are handcrafted to adorn your interiors and exteriors with a custom finish. For easy-to-maintain interiors, choose a smooth and seamless overlay. Overlays in a tile pattern in your choice of color and size, or a stone design will inject warmth and personality to an otherwise dull or undesirable outdoor space. Urethane coatings provide a fresh surface in an opaque color of your choice with industrial strength.


Uncover the beauty that lies underfoot. View concrete transformations on its website.

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