QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What would you suggest I do to create better energy in my home in the most efficient way? I want to set aside some time to do “something” and would love your direction.

It is really amazing that we are almost through May. It feels like just last week I was doing year-end clutter clearing! I do think that it’s always a good time to do something to support better energy flow, and doing a mid-year cleanup will help.


Looking around your home, have you collected a lot since the year began? If you want to clean up, use the following points as a guide. Engage every person in the house, preparing them to let go of the belongings that no longer serve them. These tips are meant to make a big difference.



Discard. Put your mind in “I’m on a mission” mode. Then, go from room to room, spending no longer than 10 minutes in each area, putting in a trash bag everything you no longer use or need.

Get rid of expired food items in the refrigerator and cabinets, old newspapers, junk mail, chipped cups, old cosmetics, burned-down candles, broken items, warped Tupperware and other things that no longer serve you. Be quick and snappy. This is an easy step that takes no thought at all.

Donate. Next, in a large plastic bag, put clothes you haven’t worn, CDs, books, figurines and other items with which you no longer resonate. For large items, make a list and schedule a day to remove them from your home. For now, remove only the items that will fit into a few bags, and don’t think too much — just do it. If you have a hard time letting things go, imagine the smile on the face of the person who needs the item more than you do.

Clear and clean. Clutter can make you lethargic and overwhelmed. Make space to welcome the opportunities for the upcoming year by clearing off surfaces where things have settled — kitchen and bathroom counters, dining room tables, etc. At the very least, pick one shelf or area that you see a lot and clear that space up.


Stock up on healthy food. Food symbolizes abundance and health. Fill your pantry and stock your refrigerator with the type of food that you want to eat.

Bring in a thriving plant. Plants symbolize growth and represent the life force. Bring in a plant from your garden, or purchase live plants and place them in your home. A display of beautiful flowers is a positive symbol and represents reaching your highest potential.

Freshen up the energy. For just a few minutes, open every door and window to let go of the first five months of the year and energetically welcome in the remainder of the year, with a vision to receive the best that life has to offer.

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