Noise is simply unpleasant. It can be loud or soft, and it is everywhere and is relative. To someone, sound is music and to another the same sound is noise. For example, to a teenager, loud music is desirable; to the parents it’s noise. There’s also desirable noise, like “white noise” often used in open office spaces to minimize overhearing nearby conversations. It’s usually a noticeable soft hissing sound through a speaker system in the ceiling.

Thus, acousticians have developed means to measure and control sound. Sound is simply rapid changes in pressure the human ear can detect. Detection of pressure changes measured in wavelengths ranging from 20 cycles per second (cps) up to 20,000 cps. Because of its vast range, sound is measured on a logarithmic scale and measured in decibels (dB); A jet taking off is about 125 dB, a passing car 80dB, a living room 40dB.


Science has shown prolonged exposure to noise is not healthy: hearing damage, hypertension, anxiety and sleeping disorders. Oftentimes, this can occur without you being aware of it. So it’s important to take noise into consideration for your home environment.

To get cooling relief, Carrier Hawaii installed room air conditioners, a cost-effective, simple solution. The company compromised its noise to get cool, which is about 70dB. If people didn’t have an air conditioner, not only would they have to put up with the heat, but also the noise from outside: barking dogs, traffic, lawnmowers, neighbors, etc.

Solution: Install a quiet, clean and efficient Carrier ductless split system and be comfortable without the noise. Carrier units offer high-energy efficiency and sound levels below 30 dB.


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