The “boomer” generation is continuing to sell their larger homes and downsize to smaller spaces. The challenge in doing this is how to incorporate everything necessary to continue a comfortable lifestyle. One such couple hired designer Judy Dawson of Designer Kitchens & Baths to help them create a solution.

This 10-foot-wall system in the living room of their smaller condo apartment was created.


Instead of having a separate dining table, another desk for a computer, printer, fi ling cabinet, additional storage for mail and envelopes, as well as storage for a vacuum cleaner and extra fold-up chairs for guests, this new wall system includes all of these and leaves a spacious living area, uncluttered by too many pieces of furniture.

This amazing space provides 7 feet of countertop to be used as a computer desk and workspace, or a sideboard when the roll-out tables are extended for dining. One roll-out table will accommodate the couple for dining on a daily basis; both tables easily will allow place settings for two guests.

Below this countertop on the left is a roll-out for the printer with drawer above.



To the right is a file drawer with another pencil drawer above. The bonus storage can be found at the far right, a cabinet from the floor to ceiling with shelves just for shoes. His and hers each have equal space (that is, of course, if the “hers” doesn’t creep into the “his”) Having this shoe cabinet located next to the entry door to their apar tment is not only convenient, but it frees up space in their bedroom closet.

Choice of furnishings is critical as well in order to accomplish this inviting space.

Instead of a regular-sized sofa, a loveseat was selected. This still accommodates two people comfortably and pull-out leg rests eliminate the need for separate footstools. Small side tables in lieu of a coffee table is the solution to retain the open space.


To create an open and inviting living space, it is important to leave exactly that — an open space. This will allow you to easily move around without maneuvering around too much stuff. Visually your new smaller home will be restful as well as welcoming to you and your guests.

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