By Kelli Shiroma


For customers looking for new cabinets, Rui Construction Supply Inc. has all the answers. During the entire month of April, the company is offering cabinets for up to 45 percent off.

According to sales manager John Xie, Rui Construction always provides customers with some type of discount on featured products each month.


“When customers come in, there’s always going to be some sort of discount we give them,” he confirmed. “Every month, there’s a different discount percentage on cabinets. For the majority of the time — for cabinets — we do say up to 45 percent off, depending on the style, color and type of cabinet.”

Whether customers are looking for plain cabinets or items with more elaborate designs, there are options for everyone at Rui Construction.

“Some people like or flat, plain cabinets, where they hardly have to clean it, but we also have other options for customers who like cabinets with more characteristics,” Xie said.

He added that about 50 percent of the store’s clientele come in knowing exactly what they’re looking for. But many customers often come to Rui Construction to browse the extensive product selection. The company is well known for its large showroom with a wide range of products, including cabinets, countertops, faucets, sinks, showers and more. But stellar customer service is a hallmark of Rui Construction.


“A lot of customers come to us for ideas,” Xie said. “But if we don’t approach these customers, we won’t find out what they want to do or what their ideas are. They will be looking for ideas and have decisions to make. We will help them narrow down their choices to get what they want.”

“Sometimes, customers already have an idea of what they want, but they don’t know how to piece it all together,” he continued. “The more they see (of our showroom), the more they have to choose from and work with.”

Besides their product assortment, Xie said it’s customer service that sets Rui Con-struction apart from other businesses.

“When a customer first comes in, we always greet them with a warm welcome,” Xie stated. “First impression — that’s the most important thing. When customers have project, they will definitely look at competitors and different stores to compare pricing. But they will always come back to us and say our service, welcome, the way we explain things and the way we take them around the showroom always makes them want to come back.”



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