HR-032016-RuiBy Kelli Shiroma

For superior building, remodeling and products for a personal home touch, Rui Construction Supply Inc. is your one-stop shop.

While the company is well known for its large showroom with a wide range of products — including cabinets, countertops, faucets, sinks, showers and more — sales manager John Xie emphasized the one-ofa-kind selection of tiles that can only be found at Rui.

“We have a unique assortment that differs from what’s out on the market,” said Xie. “We do carry porcelain tiles, but ours have pictures and designs. The materials our tiles are made of are what make them different, and customers can check out the selection in our showroom.”


While some customers come to Rui Construction after reading profiles about the company in the newspaper or in magazines, the majority is referred from current customers.

“Most people hear about us from word of mouth — we’re often recommended by previous or returning customers,” Xie confirmed. “A lot of customers will come here for kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations, but there are some who come in for building projects as well.”

Customers often come back to Rui not only because of its quality products, but also because of the company’s stellar customer service.

“Our work ethic makes us unique,” Xie stated. “We do have a big team, so when we work, everyone works as a family. Our speed is consistent and customers are always surprised by the time and effort we put into completing a job. They always expect it to take longer — like for a kitchen renovation — but we always do it within a few weeks.”


To make any renovation or building project more budget-friendly, Rui always offers customers discounts on various products throughout the store. Currently, Rui is featuring a promotion on sinks — customers can get a 25 percent discount on all sinks for the entire month of March.

“We always have discounts going on throughout the store on a little bit of everything, since customers need a big budget in order to renovate,” Xie said.

To get a better idea of the different products and services Rui offers, potential customers can visit the company’s website,

“Our website has a showcase of the products we carry and the projects we have done,” Xie confirmed. “For example, we have pictures of five houses we have built over the years, as well as kitchens and bathrooms we have redone.”

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