When it comes to anything in life, we all want options. That’s why Akamai Pest Solutions, a family-owned and operated business since 2003, offers such a unique and welcomed array of services to give its customers choices when it comes to ridding their properties from unwanted termites.

A fully licensed and insured company — now with fi ve convenient locations proudly serving Hilo, Kona, Maui, Oahu and most recently, Kauai — owner Roger Meints and his trusted team offer a full-service solution to those unwanted intruders.


What’s so special about Akamai Pest Solutions’ treatment is that it completely is safe for you, your children, pets and even the environment. And while a non-chemical, all-natural treatment for termites (that actually works) may sound too good to be true, Meints assures that it is the real deal. As further verifi cation of its quality and effi ciency, the company recently was voted fi rst place for pest control in Honolulu Star-Advertiser‘s Hawaii’s Best Awards.

The way that Akamai Pest Solutions is able to offer such a revolutionary option is through the use of its all-natural termite annihilator XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus. Organic and entirely plant based — as it is made from actual orange peels — XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus allows Akamai Pest Solutions to offer customers relief from pesky termite problems via non-tenting treatments for drywood termites that are much safer and human-friendly than competitors’ tenting/fumigation systems.

In fact, even pets living in the home won’t be in danger when it comes to this product, and customers are able to actually stay in the home during the entire treatment process, avoiding the hassles that other traditional forms of fumigation entail, such as bagging food, moving out, broken roofs and gutters, removal or damage to solar panels, or even the most frightening of all — exposure to toxic gases or fumes.


“We are the pioneers of Orange Oil in Hawaii,” explained Meints of his company’s treatment technique. “Going on 11 years now, we were the fi rst to introduce the process here in the islands, and we are proud to continue to give our customers such an earth-conscious and family-friendly option.”

The response to the treatments has been so unanimously positive, according to Meints, that the company is seeing a growing need and demand for its unique services on outer islands as well, decided to expand its Akamai Team to include the island of Kauai in September 2015.

“Kauai residents, like all of Hawaii, are very conscious about the environment,” said Meints. “We began seeing that people there didn’t have alternatives for non-harmful treatment options, and we wanted to help with that.”


Since its opening, the Kauai outpost has received a huge response and warm welcome to the island. “It’s been overwhelmingly well-received from the people looking for a safer alternative to treat their homes and businesses without tenting,” said Meints. “Growth has been phenomenal on all islands, as we see people becoming more aware and appreciative of all we can offer — no moving out, safety for kids, families, pets, homes, businesses and the environment — all of that.”

And while Meints and his company are committed to giving customers complete peace of mind regarding the safety and effectiveness of services and products, the owner also is quick to point out what he sees as an equally important key element to Akamai Pest Solutions’ success: integrity. “We really, as a philosophy, focus and commit ourselves to doing what’s best for the customers, always,” he said.

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