sb10063721d-001Sports always have been a big part of my life. I attended golf camp for seven years as a kid, played basketball through junior high, and volleyball through high school. As an adult, I have made endurance running a passion, with six Honolulu Marathons under my belt. I feel like I can catch on to most sports fairly easily.

However, one sport that I have never excelled at is tennis. I tried several times growing up, but I just never caught on to the sport. I tried again a few years ago with a new set of equipment, but it just did not work. Luckily, the equipment did not go to a complete waste. Our friend was able to use the rackets, and we play fetch with our dog Lilo using tennis balls.

The balls serve many other purposes, too, so we always keep a good supply on hand. Whether you play the game or need to find a new use for tennis balls, consider some of these creative uses:

Protect fragile shipments. If you are shipping breakables, use tennis balls instead of bubble wrap to create a protective bubble around the item. The balls will keep the item from shiftin g around and also serve as shock absorbers.
Create a jar grip. Cut the tennis ball in half, and place the open end over the jar. The rubber inside will act as a grip and allow you to easily open the jar.

Hold the door. Place a tennis ball between a door and the door jamb to hold it open. If the ball is big, cut a slit in the side. This will allow you to squeeze the air from the ball.

Erase scuff marks.

Place a tennis ball on the end of a broom handle. (You’ll have to cut a slit on it to do this.) Turn it upside down and rub the marks like an eraser.

Childproof. Use this as a temporary solution for when friends visit with their young ones in tow. Cut the side of a tennis ball so that it fits over a sharp corner of your coffee table, countertop or other corners. Repeat for the remaining corners. If you want to keep the kids out of certain rooms, cut a large slit in the ball and place it over a doorknob. Squeeze to turn the knob (but don’t give the kids your secret!).

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