Monier concrete tiles are a great, long-lasting roofing system that has proven itself in Hawaii through the test of time.

However, many of those roofs are now 30 years old and are starting to show their age. The process of tearing off the old roof and replacing it with a new one often is $30,000 or more. Don’t try and put on regular exterior house paint, it quickly will crack and peel. The sun’s UV exposure on a roof is at least three times more than on your walls.

It’s no wonder that repairing the existing roof and then coating it with NXT Cool Zone has become so popular in Hawaii. The roof not only looks new, but it also reflects the infrared heat rays with its special IR pigments. This can reduce your inside temperatures by up to 7 degrees — even if you choose a dark color. In the last 42 years, over 800,000 roofs — Monier concrete, asphalt shingle and metal — have been renewed with NXT Cool Zone. Leak-master Roofing now is offering $500 off of new estimates for roofs 2,000 square feet or larger. Smaller roofs can be pro-rated.


Here’s what needs to be done:

Replace cracked or missing roof tiles. You can blame falling coconuts, heavy termite tenting contractors bouncing around on your roof, or just the natural weathering that occurs when the protective glazed coating on Monier tiles finally burns out from the suns UV rays. Whatever the cause, the cracked tiles must be replaced to make the roof watertight.


Waterproof the roof penetrations and the hip and ridge tiles.

Resting on the very top of your roof are ridge tiles that are cemented in place with concrete grout. That grout is not waterproof and almost always pops out over time causing leaks. Leakmaster will waterproof that area, and the hip tiles as well, before a new coat is applied.

Apply one prime coat and two finish coats of NXT Cool Zone.

You either can match your existing roof color or feel free to let your imagination go wild. NXT Cool Zone has 36 standard colors — or it can be custom tinted to your favorite color. While the results may not be exact on a custom tint, they come ver close. Now you can protect your home while making it look beautiful in the process.

To take advantage of Leakmaster’s $500 off special, call or visit its showroom in Kakaako. Learn more about Monier concrete tile and other roof repairs on its website.

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