Instead of making endless payments on something you don’t own, what if you could own a home of your own? When you finance a home purchase with a mortgage, you build equity and increase your percentage of home ownership with each payment made.

Vanderbilt Mortgage offers these tips to home financing to help you realize a place of your very own:

Assess your financial situation.

Before you even begin to look at homes, you should know what you can afford. Consider your debt-to-income ratio which is your monthly income compared to your total monthly bills.

Budget and save.


Financing a home begins with budgeting to ensure you have an appropriate down payment. Be sure to set a realistic goal and use the idea of your future home as an incentive to stick to it.

Maintain your credit.

There are a number of ways you can build your credit, ranging from opening a checking or savings account to paying all of your bills on time.

Apply for a loan.

Know ahead of time what information and documents you’ll need to complete a home loan application to help make the application experience as easy as possible. Documents needed may include: proof of income, employment information, state-issued identification and more.

Stay on track with your payments.


After you have moved into your dream home, be sure to make your mortgage payments in full and on time. If you can, plan an optional early mortgage payoff by making additional payments toward your principal balance each month.

Care for your home.

The financial responsibility of owning a home is just the beginning. Create a home maintenance checklist and make a point to regularly go through it.

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