Good times with loved ones are an important part of the holidays, so it’s understandable if you want everyone to put down their smartphones and turn off the TV while you’re sharing a holiday meal. But you can “tech the halls” to help get the most from your holiday entertaining. Did you know that certain home gadgets actually can make the season easier and more enjoyable — and give you more time to spend with those you love?

Here are four home technologies that will bring a little holiday cheer to your family and friends:

Phone home

The perfect holiday host knows that it’s all about the ambiance. But, when you’re entertaining, who wants to mess with dimming or raising the lights, opening or closing blinds, adjusting the thermostat or a host of other minor, but time-consuming tasks? Home automation systems allow you to control multiple home functions from a central keypad or your smart-phone so you can create the perfect atmosphere in every room with the touch of a button.

Get organized

With a houseful of guests, and the need to store a variety of food and drinks, your refrigerator needs to let you access and store food items quickly and easily. For instance, LG’s “door-in-door” refrigerator gives you the perfect spot to store those popular drinks or must-have snacks in the interior compartment, all without opening the entire refrigerator. The door-in-door compartment opens with the push of a button, and the refrigerator provides optimal organization and storage.

Enjoy music in style


What would the holidays be without a seasonal soundtrack? The elegant “Music Flow” curved sound bar from LG not only delivers a powerful audio experience in a sleek design, it’s equipped with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and can be paired with additional Music Flow speakers and sound bars so you can create a customizable audio system for your entire home. You also can control the sound bar and speakers from your smartphone.

Cook with confidence

Your oven likely will see as much action as the refrigerator, if not more, during the holidays. Whether you’re baking cookies, or whipping up holiday dinner, having a smarter range will make cooking easy. If you’ve been thinking of replacing your old one, look for features that can help you cook like a pro in the kitchen, such as ProBake convection technology for even baking and EasyClean technology to quickly clean up messes, and warm up drawers and double ovens.

The right technology can help ensure you have more time to share with loved ones during the holidays — and make those holiday chores easier to handle.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.