Since its inception in 2007, Windows Hawaii has been recognized as the fastest-growing window company in the islands. While the business is well known for its superior products and being the exclusive distributor of the Ali‘i Extreme line of windows and doors by Anlin, quality is a huge priority for the company, according to general manager Mario Garcia.

“The quality of our products, our company, our workmanship and the caliber of people that we have on our team sets us apart from others,” Garcia said.

Windows Hawaii is a proud distributor of Ali‘i Extreme windows and doors by Anlin Windows Systems, a quality windows manufacturer. Garcia explained that Anlin windows are made using cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials, specifically noting the use of INFINIT e PLUS.


“INFINIT e PLUS is a coating the glass has, and nobody else in the islands carries that,” Garcia said. “That’s why these (Anlin) windows are far superior than any other window in the market. If customers don’t get INFINIT e PLUS, they’re not getting the protection they deserve. INFINIT e PLUS, the solar reflective coating on the vinyl and the vinyl’s master blend are three of the main reasons why our windows are of the highest quality.”

Garcia mentioned that customers often sacrifice quality for price when they’re looking for windows, but the INFINIT e coating ensures superior manufacturing.

“INFINIT e is a coating on the inside and the PLUS is the coating on the outside,” Garcia added. “The glass is super smooth; when water gets on it, it just sheets off.”


Because Anlin is a regional brand, Garcia said the company better understands the Hawaii climate, which leads to products that are specifically designed for island residents.

“When you compare a regional product to a national one, the regional one will benefit you more — they’re in tune to what happens in our market,” he said. “Their windows don’t transfer any heat and the glass itself has the PLUS coating, which keeps the windows clean longer.”

Besides carrying high-quality products, Windows Hawaii prides itself on top-notch customer service and installation. Garcia said that he “brings the showroom to the customer” with samples of the windows and screens.


“When I visit a customer, I explain how our windows work and how they can benefit from them,” Garcia said. “It’s a whole new experience that they enjoy, and that’s why we get a lot of return customers. am not just trying to sell my products, am looking for customers that appreciate quality at an affordable price.”

“In the seven years we’ve been servicing Oahu, we have completed thousands of window installations for happy customers,” Garcia concluded. “Fifty percent of our business is from referrals, which tells me we’re doing something right!”

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