Security in your home is a long-standing and continual concern, especially if you have old-style jalousies or failing windows and doors. Keeping the house cool and safe in extreme weather also is a concern during summer and hurricane season. Add to that the tropical climate of Hawaii, the mosquitoes and other bugs trying to invade the home and you have more than a few things to consider on how to remedy the issues.

One all-around option would be the Force Field security and hurricane screen system from Breezway. It’s a marine grade 316 stainless steel, woven mesh screen in an aluminum frame that is fully welded together first, and then the frame is finished with powder coat paint that is certified and sea-spray tested. Some may ask, “Why a fully welded frame?” The answer is simple: good non-corrosive design.

In the process of manufacturing, without welding, your frame pieces are painted, then these raw materials are cut to size and screwed together. When doing this you are making unfinished exposed edges from the cuts that are not protected from the salty air and will corrode faster, especially near the ocean. You also run the risk of having dissimilar metals in the frame, mesh and screw types to assemble the frame, which will lead to accelerated corrosion due to electrolysis and galvanic reaction.

The Force Field system from Breezway has a fully welded frame; marine-grade stainless steel, mesh-certified to withstand a category five hurricane, intruders, mosquitoes and reduces solar heat gain on your windows by over 50 percent. The reduction in solar heat gain means your house will be substantially cooler as the glass is protected from the sun.

The best part is besides the safety, security, hurricane, bug and solar protection, the screen is see-through (the same as the fiberglass mesh screens currently used on your windows). The screens are made to order and available in multiple configurations to accommodate various window and door configurations.

When used in conjunction with Breezway stronghold louvers, they are the only louver windows currently certified and tested to meet hurricane and exceed forced-entry requirements.

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