DIY Palmair louver windows from Breezway have been the home renovation enthusiast and contractor’s choice for years in Hawaii, especially when on a budget. Utilizing the benefits of old-style jalousies when open, and improving on the performance design when closed, Palmair louver windows are suitable for the weekend warrior’s home. While Breezway offers a multitude of choices in residential and commercial louver window design, if you need your home improvement fix, the Palmair is locally stocked at Hardware Hawaii and other home improvement stores.

Before you get in your car to head down to Hardware Hawaii, ask yourself, “Do I want 4-inch or 6-inch blades?” Four-inch blades are the classic style, but 6-inch hardware and blades are a little different in their look, both on the size of the glass and the glass edge. Simply put, 4-inch blades come with a “pencil-etched,” edge and when finished and polished, are rounded for that classic look. Six-inch blades come with an Arris edge that’s etched and is polished to a clear, see-through finish like you would see on a mirror. Both edges have its purpose in window performance so be sure to check it out when you buy your window hardware.

Breezway also made sure that the Palmair hardware is user-friendly by taking out the mystery out of installation by including the screws, a five-step pictorial instruction manual to tell you where to put the screws and if desired, how to install the weather stripping, if ordered. Palmair, it’s that simple.

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