Glossy and mirror-like polished concrete is becoming an increasingly popular choice for residential and commercial applications due to its great value and aesthetic appeal. You probably have seen polished concrete in big box stores, retail and office spaces, which speaks of its durability and low maintenance.

Read on to learn about the characteristics of polished concrete and determine if it is the right flooring solution for you.

Polished concrete floors will provide a rustic, modern or industrial look and a unique finish every time. Existing concrete is given a facelift as concrete polishing machines grind with diamond impregnated disks in increasingly finer grits until the desired gloss level is achieved. The grinding process removes the top layer of concrete, exposing the aggregate — typically sand and stone — creating a stunning salt-and-pepper finish, similar to terrazzo flooring. There will be variations in the exposure and coarseness of the aggregate and imperfections will show, adding to the unique character of the floor. If you’re looking for a perfectly consistent fl oor, you may want to consider a polished concrete overlay that can provide a more uniform finish.

Concrete dyes can be used to enhance polished concrete floors and complement your d├ęcor. Accent the look by scoring lines or patterns into the surface. The design possibilities are endless.


Polished concrete is the most durable and longest-lasting flooring choice. A concrete densifier is applied to the concrete during the polishing process, filling the pores and producing an even stronger floor with great stain resistance. If the hardness of concrete is a concern, area rugs can help cushion areas where you’ll be standing for extended lengths of time.

Maintaining polished floors only requires dust mopping, occasional use of a neutral pH floor cleaner and no waxing. Concrete flooring also is resistant to mold and bacteria. It is not vulnerable to humidity and moisture damage as it allows the floor to breathe. Polished floors are a sustainable choice, eliminating the use of new materials to cover the floors. No hazardous coatings or cleaners are required.

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