QUESTION OF THE WEEK: You have mentioned before that our environments reflect our inner state. Can you comment further about this topic?

Everything in your environment “speaks” to you, reflecting what is going on inside you and those with whom you live. This energetic message is picked up by your subconscious as you and others spend time in that environment, reinforcing the message. Over the years, I have found hundreds of amazing correlations between what is happening in people’s lives and what I see in their homes.

Home contrary to desires

One consultation story that illustrates this point comes to mind. A few years ago, I met with a woman I’ll call Julie, whose husband had died more than a dozen years prior. She said she wanted to share her life with someone new.


However, as I was assessing her home, I noticed that the way she set up her surroundings was incongruent with what she said she wanted in her life. In fact, it was the complete opposite.


Everything in her home was “single.” In her bedroom she had one lamp, one pillow, one end table, and on the wall were three images depicting a woman alone. In one of the images, the woman was sleeping alone; in another, she was lounging alone. These were “happy” alone images; in other words, not lonely looking.

In her living room was a large painting of a woman tending to her garden — peaceful and alone. Following that theme, anything in “pairs” was split up, and its matching half was found somewhere else in the home, including matching figurines and images of males and females.

Clarity on true desires


Since everything about her home screamed “single,” and because I know the environment is an external manifestation of everything going on within, I wanted to make sure she truly wanted to find a new mate. Although she told me she wanted a new mate, I saw nothing to even remotely support this statement.

I decided to talk to Julie a little bit more, and we uncovered that she was quite happy living a single life. Deep down, she realized she didn’t want to give up a lot of the things she cherished, such as not having to be accountable to anyone else.

Together we came to the conclusion that what she really wanted was companionship. She loved living by herself and was not ready to share her home.

What about you?


Carefully look around your home and ask yourself what it is saying. Is the energetic message congruent with how you feel? Do you need to change some things to match your heartfelt desires? If so, now is an excellent time to start.

Alice Inoue is founder and Chief Happiness Officer at Happiness U – an educational establishment that offers inspiring classes geared toward personal growth and development – located at Na Lama Kukui on Nimitz Highway. For more information, visit