HR-092015-Ara2The rituals of fall include sending kids back to school and cheering on the hometown football team. Additionally, a new fall tradition has emerged for nearly 74 million homeowners — home improvement.

This fall promises to be particularly popular for home projects. Lower gas prices are boosting people’s discretionary income and Metrostudy’s latest Residential Remodeling Index points to a continued rise in activity.

Like many trends, there isn’t one particular reason fall has emerged as a popular time for home improvement, but several factors play a role.

Energy efficiency is top of mind.


Homeowners can upgrade windows, switch to solar, layer in more insulation, and, in some cases, do all of the above.

The weather is nice.

Home improvement projects can be hard and grueling work, particularly for do-it-yourselfers, but nicer weather creates a more comfortable environment for getting things done.

The holiday-entertaining “wow” factor.

Everyone wants their home to sparkle when they welcome family and friends during the holidays. Completing a home improvement project during the fall sets up a big reveal when the holidays roll around.

“Fall-ing” prices.


Fall is an excellent time to save money by finding great deals on home improvement supplies and services. Year-end sales begin and discounts can be steep. Retailers like Lumber Liquidators often have discounts to clear inventory before the New Year.

Facing tight timelines and tighter budgets, homeowners often need to prioritize their projects. Installing hardwood floors often provides a high return on investment, both from a quantitative (home value) and qualitative (pride in ownership) standpoint.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.