Exclusively available at The Bathroom Store, TOTO’s flagship Neorest Suite is the most intuitive, design-forward collection of products available for the whole bathroom, offering elegant design, superior technology, flawless performance and extraordinary comfort. This year, TOTO expands its luxury collection with the next generation Neorest integrated toilet — the new 750H.

With features like auto open/close lid, auto flush, heated seat, heated spray, air dryer, air purifier, ADA universal height, rear and front cleansing, eWater+, programmable remote control and more, the 750H with Actilight technology may transform your space into a luxurious and rejuvenating oasis.
Actilight gets rid of both visible and invisible waste without any extra effort from the user. The two key features of Actilight are the special Hydrotect glaze that’s fired into the bowl and an ultraviolet light inside the lid. Simply, the 750H cleans inside the bowl all by itself.

This cleaning process is a natural one that uses no chemicals — just oxygen and water. It minimizes the need for additional maintenance and reduces the use of harsh detergents that negatively affect our environment. Hydrotect glaze is fired with titanium dioxide and zirconium oxide for increased durability and a “pearl” shimmering quality. Activated oxygen is produced from the glaze and ultraviolet light interacting with oxygen and air. This breaks down organic waste and reduces the food source that microbes (germs) feed on.

The Neorest 750H takes clean to another level with TOTO’s cyclone-flushing technology. Powerful jets generate a cyclone-like vortex of water, washing away waste from the bowl’s surface. Since the bowl is rimless, waste and mold no longer stick to hard-to-reach areas. These innovations make your life less complicated and minimize the time spent cleaning.

A leader in intelligent bathroom fixtures, TOTO has been committed to offering fine-quality products that look great in your home and will help save money and the environment. Drop by and talk to the TOTO experts at The Bathroom Store, your exclusive Neorest 750H dealers in Hawaii.

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