Many businesses forget how important it is to listen to and respect every client. Fortunately, Atlas Construction, a family owned and operated business, understands how important customer service is. The company has been servicing Oahu residents for nine years, and its founders have been in the construction industry for four generations.

From the time the company built its first home until now, Atlas Construction can say that it has never received a single complaint about the business.

“For us, we really believe in customer service. When we first started this business, we wanted to make sure that every family who hires us is going to leave us being satisfied and happy. So, we are proud to say that we have zero complaints in all the years we have been in business,” said vice president Rodney Kim.

Over the years, the company has grown tremendously, and with a rising number of employees on-hand, Atlas Construction has refined and solidified its mission to “honor the privilege that a homeowner has bestowed upon us and their trust in Atlas Construction to deliver a lasting home, thereby creating a working environment where every employee has a great and real opportunity for success.”

Atlas Construction believes it is important to educate every employee on the company’s visions and goals. It helps establish a mutual understanding within the company and employees maintain the level of excellence that is expected of them.


“What we do is we go around to the job-sites once a week and we give the guys a time off. We bring them lunch, and we go over and brief them on our mission statement, core values and vision statement. It really comes down to how much respect we give to a family’s home that we are building or their property that we are improving. We just want to make sure that everyone at Atlas is on the same page,” explained Kim.

Employees are expected to work as if they are building their own home. If they would not be happy with the job they did, then why would anyone else accept it? The company makes sure that the job is done right, and if it is not, it takes the time to fix it. It is a simple measuring stick the business uses to ensure that every home is flawless. Atlas Construction also aspires to create long-lasting relationships with homeowners while maintaining fairness, honesty and transparency.

Since everyone who works for Atlas Construction must adhere to the company’s standards and values, clients can expect nothing but the best workmanship and experience when dealing with the company and its employees.

In addition to providing clients with the best craftsmanship and service, Atlas Construction can do everything from designing to financing, which makes things a lot easier and more affordable for homeowners.


“We do all the design work, all the blue prints, the permit processing, help with financing and the actual construction,” said Kim.

The home-building process has been broken down into a simple, four-step procedure. These steps include assessing the design, budgeting, drafting the design and finalizing contracts and construction dates.

Unfortunately, building one’s dream home does not happen overnight. It can take approximately six months from initial ground-breaking to the final nail. As a result, it is important to choose a construction company that is able to build a home that will last a lifetime.

For those who still are unsure if constructing a new home or renovating their existing home is the right move, Atlas Construction holds free monthly seminars that will help homeowners make the best decisions.


During the seminar, the business does its best to inform individuals and to address any questions and concerns. Attendees also can learn important information, like how to choose a contractor and what to expect during the home-building process. There also is a loan officer on-hand during the event who can offer financing guidance for those who need it.

Atlas Construction is recognized as Hawaii’s best contractor, and it strives to maintain that title by continuing to provide impeccable service. Contact Atlas Construction today if you want to work with the best.

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