HR-092015-Joanne-1My husband and I are die-hard Cleveland Browns fans. But since we moved to Hawaii more than eight years ago, we’ve had to go to sports bars to watch the games on Sunday mornings. This year, however, I subscribed to a streaming service that will let us watch from home, and I’ve already planned a few get-togethers for big games to come.This also means there will be plenty of extra eyes on our TV, and the wall around it.

The d├ęcor of the TV wall always has been tricky for me. I’ve tried to pay attention to home remodeling shows and family room renovation photos, but the only consistency I’ve found is that this space often is overlooked. The TV wall rarely is shown, even though the average American watches four and a half hours of television per day, according to The Nielsen Co.

Luckily, just in time for football season, I’ve learned that there are some tricks for styling your TV wall. The main idea is to add accessories that allow the TV to blend in with the room, rather than stick out as a black hole. If you’ve been thinking of decorating your TV wall, consider some of these ideas:

• Build-in. Shelving above, below and around the TV will allow you to add accessories that draw the eye toward special collectibles. If you have the option to build the shelving in, you’ll add value to your home in the process. If you can’t build-in, opt for bookshelves and ledges instead. In our house, I chose a wooden, stand-alone bathroom cabinet to do the trick.

• Create a collage. Hang rectangular frames of various sizes and prints behind and around the TV. If you have other hangable accessories, add them to the mix. The collage will remove the focus from the TV without detracting from it. Or, you can help the TV to blend in by keeping the frames uniform and using black-and-white photos for a clean, streamlined feel.

• Hide the bad. Although TVs now can be hung and need less room on a media console, they don’t always come with wireless capabilities. For many of us, the plugs, cables and other electrical parts still show. Opt for a media stand with a cabinet that can conceal the cords, or a box made to do the trick. Another option is to add wall trim or a TV cord cover, which you can find for less than $15 at many hardware stores.

• Texturize. Add interest by creating an accent wall. Natural materials, like wood paneling and stone, work well. For less commitment, try a wall-covering like grasscloth.

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