HR-091315-Leakmaster-2It’s that time of year again. Winter is near and you are thinking about how to fix the leaks in your old roof. Whether you want to do it yourself, or have a contractor do it for you, this is the time to attend the Cool Roof Store sale and hands-on demo, so that you never have to re-roof again, simply re-coat as needed.

This Saturday, Sept. 19, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., the Cool Roof Store, in conjunction with Leakmaster Roofing, will show everything you need to know about your roof. There will be a big discount on most of the store’s best-selling products, for that one day only. The lowest prices of the year are at this one-day sale.

If you don’t know much about your roof, don’t worry. The company will have on-hand experts that can figure out how big your roof is by using Google Earth. All it needs is your address. It’s always great fun with large crowds and surprises, so come early for a good seat, or attend the noon “Getting Started” seminar if possible.

Here’s the schedule:

• Getting Started Seminar: The 9 a.m. seminar is the big one that everyone arrives early for and often is hard to find a seat. This time there is no need to cut your breakfast short because it will be repeated again at noon in its entirety.


Throughout the entire day there will be experts for the following demonstrations answering all of your questions:

Flat Roof Demo: What are the four most common mistakes applicators make? How long do I wait between coats? When do I need a primer, and how much top coat will I need?

• Metal Roof Seminar: How do I know if my metal roof

is too far gone to coat? What is the best metal primer for my roof? Is there something I can do to cover up the rust holes? Do I need to put roof tape over the horizontal and vertical seams?

• Monier Tile Seminar: When do I use the penetrating primer versus the concrete primer? Do I need to replace cracked Monier tiles, or can I repair them? What do I do about my missing concrete grout along the ridge tiles?

• Asphalt Shingle Seminar: Why do some people say you can’t coat shingle roofs? Why do you use so much Super Roof Primer on your roof? What colors will blend in best with my neighborhood? Should I coat my roof before or after PV Solar installation?

Also, bring any photos and measurements of your roof so the company can exactly calculate how much coating you will need.

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address // 575 Cooke St.
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