HR-080915-Granicrete-2Concrete Surface Designs unveils the beauty of concrete floors. The company specializes in turning old, discolored, drab concrete into a one-of-a-kind work of art. Formerly known as Granicrete Hawaii, the company has expanded to include a broader range of concrete resurfacing solutions including polishing, staining, concrete overlays and epoxy coatings. There’s no need to cover your concrete. Dress it up. Design your floors to suit your needs and style.

You probably have seen polished concrete in big box stores and retail and office spaces, which speaks of its durability and easy maintenance. Polished concrete floors will add a touch of luxury to your interiors, garage or covered patio. Existing concrete is given a face-lift, as concrete polishing machines grind with diamond-impregnated disks in increasingly finer grits until the desired gloss level is achieved. The grinding process removes the top layer of concrete, exposing the aggregate — typically sand and stone — creating visual appeal. A concrete densifier is applied, filling the pores and producing an even stronger floor with great stain resistance. Maintaining polished floors only requires dust mopping and occasional use of a neutral pH floor cleaner, no waxing. Combining high style and performance with low maintenance, it is no wonder polished concrete is becoming a popular choice for commercial and residential applications.

Enhance your existing interior and exterior concrete floors with concrete overlays. They stand up to the wear and tear of foot and vehicular traffic and all types of weather. A concrete overlay will provide a fresh canvas to cover up imperfections and then color and/or pattern as you wish. Overlays can be finished to look like tile or stone, without the hassle of grout. You can achieve the luxurious look of large-format tile in the color and orientation of your choice.

Don’t settle for flooring that is unsightly or ordinary. Design floors that are as unique as you are. Concrete flooring also is eco-friendly, resilient and resistant to mold and bacteria. Visit the company website for more information and to view the gallery to see some of the designer concrete finishes it has created. Call Concrete Surface Designs to schedule a free estimate.

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