Famous engineer and lecturer William Edwards Deming taught his students that, “Quality is pride of workmanship,” and no one follows this truth quite like local Oahu company Hua Xia Construction.


A trusted name since its initial opening in 2008, Hua Xia has served Island residents, businessmen and contractors in supplying professional, residential and commercial construction services. In a day and age when one’s word sadly can’t always be taken at face value, Hua Xia is proud to have its long legacy of steady and time-tested work to firmly build its reputation upon. As well as the success of its past projects, the company has a wealth of happy customers, who have had work done in the past, and are eager to share their positive experiences with all who will listen.


In fact, Hua Xia project manager Andy Cao said, “To this day, the majority of our business continues to come from referrals.” One such satisfied customer, who will be referring Hua Xia to many more, is local real estate broker Ken Lee.

Already having hired the company for several commercial building renovations, as well as a home renovation, Lee was so impressed with Cao’s professionalism and work ethic that he once again commissioned Hua Xia Construction to renovate a 3,000-square-foot office building.


The building consisted of an empty office space, three rooms, three baths and common areas — quite an undertaking — but Cao and Hua Xia were up to the task. Lee explained that Hua Xia, ever the professionals, “Did everything from building the subfloor to drywall, concrete work, framing and tile work.”

The company even was able to go the extra mile for Lee and subcontract a plumber so that Lee could rest easy and not have to worry about the hassle of researching and hiring one separately.


Lee resolutley confirmed that, “I have worked with Hua Xia in the past, and I would certainly work with them again in the future.”


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