Atlas Construction is a design-build contractor that makes the process of building a home an enjoyable, one-stop shop experience for customers.

The construction company is a locally owned, family business that spans four generations. It believes in customer satisfaction above all else. The company includes six cousins, with the remaining employees all treated as extended parts of the family. The company’s philosophy is to design and build a home as if it were its very own. Also, the construction techniques and materials that it extensively has researched and adopted are based on the business’ core principles: low maintenance, longevity and value.


Design-build construction starts from the company’s first visit to your home. Atlas Construction comes prepared with a site assessment report that gives it information about your property — from property boundaries, zoning restrictions, building code requirements and past history of any work done on your home. From there, the company listens to your wants and needs, and offers advice, should you have any concerns. Then, Atlas Construction will start the design process by incorporating your ideas and its recommendations until the company arrives at a plan that meets your approval.

At that point, the company can assist you with financing options, offering you referrals to those lenders and financing institutions its worked with in the past, and with whom the company trusts. Next, Atlas Construction launches the permitting process with all necessary entities involved with your property before beginning the building portion of the project. Care and attention are given to each step of the design-build process so as to ensure your happiness with its one-stop shop service.


The family business has been involved in the Hawaii construction industry for many years. It began with the current owners’ great grandparents purchasing properties. The grandfather was responsible for acquiring the necessary skills and fixing up these properties. He eventually became a general contractor and real estate broker. The next generation, the parents, got involved with the grandfather, and today, the company carries the torch of the family’s rich construction legacy, and the family does not take this responsibility lightly. In fact, the grandfather once taught the family a very important lesson when he said, “You must have empathy for the families you meet and work for in building their homes. This is a big step for most families. This may be the only time that they take on a project of this size.”


The family at Atlas Construction has since taken this wonderful lesson to heart by instilling each of its employees with Grandpa’s advice — of always being sensitive to the customer’s feelings, and having the homeowner’s best interests in mind.

Here’s how the company, in part, accomplishes this: Before it selects a building component for use, the company does extensive research on the product to make sure it satisfies its low-maintenance, long-lifespan requirement. Sometimes, this may increase cost in the design, but the quality of the product extends the lifespan of ordinary materials which in turn lowers maintenance costs.

At Atlas Construction, the company believes in building a solid foundation of trust and communication with its customers With a clear understanding of what each party is to expect, the building process becomes a lot smoother. Although the unexpected may happen with any project, it is how the company remedies the situation that makes all the difference.


The goal of Atlas Construction always has been the same: to leave homeowners satisfied and happy with a job well done.

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