When renovating or remodeling your home, you have several options: You can do the work yourself, hire different contractors or you can hire Rui Construction Inc. & Building Supply to help with everything from ordering building materials to directly working on your home. Consider the following benefits to determine why choosing the latter streamlines the process, saving you significant time, money and unnecessary hassles:

• When you work with Rui Construction Inc. & Building Supply you don’t have to go through additional subcontractors. “We cover electrical and plumbing. We do almost everything,” said sales representative John Xie. This eliminates the burden of comparison shopping and the hassle of working with different contractors.


• You have the option of choosing materials in-house. Xie said the company is happy to work with materials from other companies, but the benefit of purchasing supplies directly from Rui Construction Inc. & Building Supply is that you’ll have to do less legwork, and you’ll save money down the line. “If you do everything with us, we’ll give you a lower price,” explained Xie.

• Everything will be done efficiently and on your time. “We are very accessible and very flexible. If you need a job done, we schedule our projects and estimates based on the customer’s availability first — so they don’t have to take off from work. Our estimates are really fast. If you have a contractor over your house in the morning, you’ll get a quote by the afternoon,” Xie added.


• You have the security in knowing you’ll receive quality work. “Our workmanship is guaranteed,” assured Xie.

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