Summer is upon us! It is the time to enjoy life and the outdoors; bright sunshine and barbecues, relaxing with friends and family fun at the beach. But you have to come home sometime, and there are some simple steps you can take to make your indoor life as relaxing as a lazy summer day.

If you’ ll be away from home for more than a week, you may want to clean and rinse the toilet. Next, turn off the water supply, flush the toilet, then remove the remaining water (with a paper cup) and let the bowl dry. When you return from your travels, simply turn the water back on before you use the toilet, and the clean bowl will fill up again. No standing water equals no residual stain.

You could also try replacing your costly, “environmentally-unfriendly” bathroom cleaners with something safer — mild liquid cleanser. That’ s right, a few drops and regular brushing (a few times a week will do) should keep the hard water from collecting on your ceramic. Cleaning can be safer (especially around kids and pets) and cheaper using something mild and eco-friendly. A regular nylon or plastic bristle brush for the bowl should suffice, as long as it is not the “old school” type lined with metal, which may scratch the glaze.



If you have a TOTO Toilet or TOTO sink with Sanagloss Glaze then you probably already clean this way. TOTO’s extraordinarily smooth Sanagloss nano-scale glaze creates a super smooth ionized barrier, which minimizes both the chance of particles sticking to the porcelain and the need for using harmful chemical agents.

If you have one of TOTO’s new Washlets, then you’ re already one step ahead. TOTO’s new Washlets feature one-touch quick release buttons so you can easily remove the unit (can’ t do it with a mounted toilet seat) and clean the entire toilet more easily. TOTO Washlets also spray the bowl before you use them so nothing will stick and everything goes down. This helps keep the bowl up to 80 percent cleaner than a dry bowl. The popular eWater+ models also spray the bowl after use with electrolyzed water that also helps to keep the bowl germ-free and cleaner. Plus, you save a lot of toilet paper.

For most of your other bathroom fixtures a micro-fiber cloth will gently clean. Keep in mind, all bathroom fixtures are not created equal. High quality brands, such as TOTO and Fluid, use solid brass and coat with a thicker finish than bargain brands. The finish shines longer and cleans easier with just weekly soft cloth (microfiber) wiping.

TOTO’s Sanagloss Glaze, and TOTO’s eWater+ Washlets are examples of designs that reduce maintenance and improve cleaning. Stop in and see the experts at The Bathroom Store for more helpful tips for a clean, relaxing summer.

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