The one thing I’ve learned about myself in recent years is what a planner I’ve become. While I enjoy occasional spontaneity, for the most part, I like to know what I’m going to do before I do it. I write out important dates in my calendar as soon as I know them, and I set two-week reminders for birthdays and other gift-giving events.


For Father’s Day, which is just a week away, I’ve been gathering ideas for a gift my dad would enjoy and actually use. He loves to garden and has planted a beautiful array of edibles and non-edibles that he eagerly shares with others, so I’m thinking of something that can help with his hobby. I haven’t narrowed down the search to only one just yet, so here are some of the potentials:

• Compact pressure washer: This won’t help with the garden, per se, but it will help to clean up the space around it so that the garden can shine. A compact pressure washer is easier to tow than a full-size model, so it is likely to be used more often.

• Bird feeder: My dad already has one, but he could use another. The Humane Society of the United States recommends more than one bird feeder per yard to avoid overcrowding at a single source. They also note that some birds have preferences for feeders at different levels, so by varying placement throughout the yard, gazers may get to see a bigger variety of birds.

• Portable hammock: My husband and I have a lightweight, nylon hammock in our back yard. Every time my dad comes over, he ends up napping in it. I think it is his favorite spot at our house, and it would provide the perfect place for him to take a nap while enjoying his garden. Plus, because the hammock is lightweight and can be set up nearly anywhere, he can move it around as the sun shades different areas of his yard.

• Bluetooth speaker: Another thing my dad has always loved is music. A portable Bluetooth speaker would allow him to enjoy his tunes while tending to his garden.

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