Spring and summer continue to be the most popular months for selling your home, according to Follow these simple steps to increase your home’s value without breaking the bank.

Revive outdoor space. A power washer is a great tool to help clean siding and renew the surface of decks from dirt, mildew and general grime. A good washing also will bring out the true color of a beautiful flagstone walkway or patio.

HR-053115-ara-3-b Invest in the best tools. From power washing your deck and siding to maintaining your lawn and garden, your hose takes more abuse than any other tool. The Gilmour Flexogen hose is perfect for a variety of outdoor applications and is the strongest hose in its class. Its durable eight-layer construction is ideal for homeowners who put their tools to the test.


Give your yard a manicure. When its best features are hidden by an overgrown lawn or shrubs, your home can appear uninviting. It is recommended to regularly mow grass to a length of 2 and 1/2- to 3-inches. This not only helps the grass to grow, but also provides for a thicker lawn to prevent weeds. Adding landscaping bricks around the border of your garden and flowerbeds also gives your lawn a more premium look.

Add color with the right vegetation. Plant shrubs and flowers that offer a lot of color and unique textures. To help you get the best visual results, scout out the ideal locations around your yard before planting. Be sure to account for areas that always are in the sun or are well-shaded.

Maintain the look. One of the key steps to preserving a healthy lawn and garden is to provide at least 1-inch of water per week through a regular watering schedule. You’ll want to choose a hose that has the durability to last even after you’ve moved into your new home. Gilmour Flexogen’s patented construction allows for allweather performance and delivers maximum functionality. For additional watering and gardening tips, visit


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