Running quietly in the attic of Aileen Yanagihara’s Salt Lake home is breakthrough technology in energy-efficient home cooling.

Unseen from the outside of the home and controlled by a timer on the wall, the QuietCool Whole House Fan draws hot air out of the living space through a ceiling intake and cools both the home’s living space and attic at a fraction of the cost of A/C systems.


“I watch my grandchildren in the late afternoon and sometimes it would be 79 degrees outside and 89 degrees inside,” said Yanagihara. “Since I installed my Whole House Fan in 2013, it’s almost all I use to cool my home. I especially like to run the bedroom unit at night to get air channeled through the house.”

Island Cooling LLC recently reached a milestone with 2,000 Whole House Fans distributed in Hawaii. “Homeowners today are more aware of the need for energy efficiency and are actively looking for better ways to cool their homes,” said Island Cooling co-owner Ivan Whit-worth. “And the Whole House Fan is a perfect fit for our island lifestyle. Rather than having to close windows and doors, and hiding out with chilled air, the Whole House Fan takes advantage of natural airflow and allows us to live a more open life.”

Jan Silva of Mililani agrees.

“Our upstairs bedrooms are no longer saunas for the entire evening. Adding the Whole House Fans to our house has decreased the use of our A/C units and lowered our electric bill. The systems are easy to use. Even the keiki know to come home, crack open the windows and turn on the fans. They are efficient and deliver a quick result with instant relief in our house.”


“The Whole House Fan is designed to provide on-demand cooling,” said Island Cooling co-owner Al Whitworth. “You can use it just as you would a ceiling fan, but since it’s taking the heat out of a home, it’s a lot more effective.”

2015 Hawaii’s Best award winner Island Cooling LLC is the Hawaii distributor of QuietCool Whole House Fans. In addition to larger units for whole home cooling, the company also has bedroom-sized units for home offices and bedrooms.

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