Instead of trying to hunt down an experienced construction company and also a store that sells building supplies, wouldn’t it be nice if there was one place you could go for your remodeling, rebuilding and building supply needs? Rui Construction Inc. has been around since 2000, offering its contracting services in residential and commercial buildings. For the past six years, the company has added “Building Supply” to its name and has become a one-stop shop for customers looking for both contracting services and a place to get their granite countertops, kitchen cabinets and tiles.

Many renovation and remodeling customers bemoan the length of time it takes to finish a project. One benefit of choosing a single company to do both is it shortens your wait time. Sales representative John Xie said, “There’s no waiting because everything is in stock. And then we usually do it right away — it’s faster. Most of the materials we carry are already in our warehouse.”

While Xie said some of the company’s customers simply purchase the materials from Rui and work on the projects themselves. Others who decide to use the company for both construction and building supplies will get a discount. “If you come to the main office, we can give you a quote that includes a price package of all the materials and labor. And you can choose the cabinets, countertops and tiles in the store. We also apply a small discount for customers on all materials.”

Rui Construction Inc. and Building Supply receives many customers from word of mouth. Previous customers often comment on the company’s efficiency and work quality. But Xie said the company’s success is largely due to its workers, who “are the hardest working, and like a family that genuinely cares for each other.”

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