Recent cool weather has akamai homeowners planning ahead for the summer to come. “I planned to get the Whole House Fan for six months,” said Paula Ikeda of Waikele when describing Island Cooling LLC’s trusty product.

Ikeda is one of many Hawaii residents that have installed the QuietCool™ Whole House Fan system to cool and ventilate their homes. “I would come home at the end of the day to a hot, stuffy home,” Ikeda continued. “I would say to my husband, ‘It’s cool outside, why can’t we get that cool air into our house?’” For Ikeda, the QuietCool™ Whole House Fan was the perfect solution.

Whole house fans were invented in the 1950s as a way to cool homes before air conditioning. They are installed in the attic of the home and use a fan to draw trapped heat out of the living space, bringing cooler air into the home from outside. Whole house fans, however, gradually became less common as air conditioning became widespread.

Ron Ibanez had one installed in his Alewa home in 1975. “It was a great system for keeping the house comfortable,” Ibanez said. “With our single-wall home and large family it was the only practical way to keep it cool without running up our electricity bill.” He commented on the system’s durability: “It’s the only appliance that’s lasted me that long.”


Over the past five years, increased awareness has led to the re-emergence of the whole house fan as a popular choice for Hawaii homeowners. According to Island Cooling LLC, distributors for QuietCool in Hawaii, more than 550 systems were installed locally during 2014. “Whole house fans compliment our lifestyle,” said Ivan Whitworth of Island Cooling LLC. “They are energy-efficient, affordable and take advan tage of our natural climate conditions to cool the home.”

“QuietCool makes an EC brushless motor that’s incredibly efficient and can cool a bedroom on as little as 55 watts, or 2 cents per hour. The EC motor is also sealed, which is great for those homes that are near the ocean,” said Whitworth.

Island Cooling LLC is Hawaii’s source for QuietCool™ Whole House Fan sys tems, eShield™ Radiant Barrier insulation and the Trio Portable Air Purification™, with a photo-catalytic converter to neu-tralize volcanic and other gases, as well as filter dust and mold.

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