Every new year brings along new design trends, with homeowners often feeling the pressure to mix-up their kitchen interiors to keep things current. But the truth is, when embarking on any renovation project, incorporating more timeless assets will save both time and money in the long run. “When it comes to designing your own signature space, it’s important to include thoughtful elements that transcend trends – especially in the kitchen,” said Nate Berkus, renowned decorator, designer and artistic advisor to LG Studio.


• Patterned backsplash tile. Patterned backsplashes are making a big impact this year, as more adventurous homeowners are looking for fresh ways to add texture and interest to their kitchens. “I always advise homeowners to keep it simple when selecting a backsplash tile, my go-to is a high-end white subway tile,” said Berkus. “It will feel sophisticated and timeless. Use accessories — things like baskets, trays and framed photos — to add texture and personality.”

• Bright, bold colors. Bringing bright colors into the kitchen is a reprising trend.

However, Berkus recommends sticking with a neutral palette for cabinets. Using these more neutral tones as a base won’t restrict the amount of color in the kitchen, but it does bring about more opportunity to incorporate decor that can be easily switched out with the changing seasons and styles.

• Brass is back. Brass and luxe metallics are enjoying a well-deserved comeback in transforming the kitchen into a more stylish space. Berkus encourages homeowners to pair these fixtures with stainless-steel appliances for a kitchen that fully embodies a luxe and timeless atmosphere.

• Clean cabinetry. Today’s cabinetry-styling trends favor a “less is more” aesthetic that helps emphasize clean lines with clearly defined accents, presenting a light and simple look. “I always appreciate a simple, clean style, but with cabinets, homeowners shouldn’t be afraid to mix it up,” said Berkus. “Using varying materials and finishes in your cabinets — like a wood or paint color that’s different from the rest of the kitchen — help produce texture in the space and create visual interest.”

• Sleek, modern fixtures. Designers are more often offering oversized light fixtures with colorful shades to help homeowners develop that wow factor in their kitchen. When it comes to lighting, though, Berkus said he always tells people to reach for vintage. Antique pieces add character to any space and don’t have to be expensive.


This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.