QUESTION OF THE WEEK: The upcoming Chinese Zodiac year is the year of the sheep. Will you give me your insight on what to expect? Are there some specific things to do to best prepare for this year?

Astrologically, this coming Thursday, Feb. 19, marks the beginning of the energies of the year of the sheep, in particular the “wood” sheep, pushing out the year of the horse. Because wood is related to trees and the color green, it is also called the year of the “green sheep.”


The Upcoming Year


After all the challenges experienced during the year of the horse, the sheep year is a good time for healing. The focus this year will be on intimacy, family and close friendships. Putting effort into showing more care toward others, even those you don’t know, will result in greater ease this year, which also is a year to explore your creative side, finding a new expression of yourself.

Understanding the year

Understanding the animal associated with the year provides insight into the energy and unique opportunities the year brings. According to Chinese culture, the nature of the sheep is to move forward, because it cannot move backward or sideways. So, this is a year you can move forward on what is important to you, which is good news for those who have been feeling derailed or stuck in some way.

Although sheep may seem docile and weak, they have great endurance, an iron will and a strong spirit underlying their fluffy facade. You can expect the year to take on this same tone, bringing favorable changes in many areas of your life. Move forward gently but surely. The opportunities you took advantage of last year can now take root.

Feng shui actions to take in your home


• Welcome the incoming year with wood energy in the form of color, adorning your home with green.

• Set the intent for maximum wealth for the coming year. It always feels good to have lots of money in your wallet, so fill your wallet with cash today (lots of singles will do), making it appear stuffed and full, symbolizing the abundance you expect.

• Wear something new on Thursday, representing a new outlook, a new you and new beginnings. Red symbolizes joy and happiness. If you have no new clothes to wear, at least wear something red!


• When you wake up on Thursday morning, open all the doors and windows and let the energy of 2014 move out so that new, inspirational and fresh opportunities can be welcomed in for 2015!

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