Grace Construction Company was established in the Mainland, and two years ago moved from San Francisco to Hawaii, where it has settled into a new home in the Aloha State, in order to serve its new, valued customers.

The company is well-known as a new leader in the construction business industry, much of that credit going to its loyal customers represented within the local community here in Hawaii. The company specializes in introducing new designs, providing customer satisfaction and guaranteed service, and creating a new image while breaking the tired mold of old-fashioned business styles.

One positive appraisal of Grace Construction Company recently occurred within the local Sunday newspaper, which introduced the company as being one with “A Multitude of Successful Paint Projects,” revealing the quality of its work. Now, the company is ready to serve its future customers with perfection, ensuring client satisfaction upon completion of work.


The company also brings a sense of great responsibility and a wealth of experience to all projects. Its owner, John Kim, has an extensive background working with new housing/building projects, remodels, renovations of interior design, as well as painting with minute attention to detail. Kim is known as a veteran in the construction business, and has spent many years working with several hotel renovations, as well as participating in large building projects both in San Diego and San Francisco.

Grace Construction Company guarantees satisfaction for its customers, and takes responsibility for the whole process of any project from beginning to end, with its specialty being customers’ needs. Do not hesitate to call, and let Grace Construction Company take care of you. The company’s comprehensive process includes you from the very beginning — drawing the blueprint together, getting the construction permissions, and finishing with a smile on your face.

Let the company help make your dream project a reality. Grace Construction Company is ready for you!

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