Installing windows can be an enormous investment, and the installation must be maintained in order for the windows to last for years to come. However, many homeowners are ill-informed regarding warranties on windows, which in Hawaii can differ completely from those available on the Mainland.


When purchasing windows, different products naturally carry different warranties, and many of these warranties are only valid within 48 contiguous states. Mario Garcia of Windows Hawaii noted, “Anlin manufacturer caters to the west coast … only their Ali‘i Extreme line has manufacturer’s warranty in the state of Hawaii.”

This warranty situation has ensnared many unsuspecting homeowners, who thought Anlin windows would be replaced or repaired by the manufacturer in the cases of wear and tear. “We get calls from people who say, ‘We purchased Anlin windows from a different dealer and we had no idea the windows had no manufacturer’s warranty. We had a guy come in and do a shoddy job on the windows … will you come in and fix it?'” said Garcia. He emphasizes that the only Anlin window that carries a manufacturer warranty on the island is the Ali‘i Extreme windows that are sold and installed by Windows Hawaii. “If they (customers) buy any Anlin product(s) from anyone other than Windows Hawaii, they have no manufacturer’s warranty,” added Garcia.

Northwest Exteriors, Windows Hawaii’s parent company, has almost three decades of experience selling and installing Anlin windows on the Mainland. Upon coming to Hawaii in 2007 under Windows Hawaii, the company was determined to offer windows especially designed to withstand Hawaii’s unique climate. In 2012 the Ali‘i Extreme line, developed by Anlin, was introduced to the islands by Windows Hawaii because they “have everything a homeowner would desire in a window,” said Garcia, and are designed to keep a home’s interior cool and quiet. The lifetime warranty is transferable, which is a great value-addition for those thinking of selling their home.

The factory-trained Windows Hawaii team is devoted to caring for Anlin Ali‘i Extreme windows at any stage in its life cycle. “With us, you get peace of mind,” said Garcia.

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