RevoluSun, Hawaii’s leading solar provider, is evolving into a one-stop shop for advanced, sustainable home technology. RevoluSun is offering the Sun Bandit solar water heater as the first product of many from its “Smart Home” line.

Sun Bandit solar water heaters utilize innovative photovoltaic (PV) technology to deliver clean and reliable hot water by using the abundant energy of the sun without utility oversight or approval needed. In addition to saving money on hot water, the installation of a Sun Bandit system is eligible for a 30 percent Federal Photovoltaic tax credit and a 35 percent State PV tax credit (capped at $2,250). The installation also comes with a 10-year tank warranty and a 25-year PV panel warranty.


Another advantage of a Sun Bandit system is that it eliminates the need for antiquated and complex solar thermal water heating. Traditional solar thermal systems require pumps, redundant pressure relief valves (prone to leaks) and complicated plumbing.


Sun Bandit uses rooftop PV panels rather than traditional solar thermal collectors and sends solar energy directly to the Sun Bandit solar hot water tank.

“We are embracing the Sun Bandit product because of its straightforward installation and minimal maintenance requirements, unlike traditional thermal solar systems. We are also able to offer warranties on the components that are twice as long as a thermal system,” stated Eric Carlson, RevoluSun’s chief innovation officer. “When we researched the SunBandit product, the feedback we received from distributers, installers and clients across the country was overwhelmingly positive.” Carlson recently spoke with thermal solar water veterans from around the U.S. that have installed thousands of traditional solar thermal systems since the 1980s. “All of them are now transitioning 100 percent of their business to PV Solar Water Heating,” he added.

RevoluSun and its “Smart Home” line will be at the 2015 Building Industry Association (BIA) Home Building and Remodeling Show Friday-Sunday, Jan. 23-25 at Neal S. Blaisdell Exhibition Hall. Visit the RevoluSun booth to check out the Sun Bandit solar water heater and more products from the “Smart Home” line. Those who sign up for a free home solar energy analysis will also receive a sealed Golden Ticket. A RevoluSun project developer will open the Golden Ticket during the home visit to reveal the amount of savings, which will be a discount ranging from $750 to $5,000 off of a RevoluSun solar energy system.

Reserve your spot for RevoluSun’s free Smart Home Seminar in February, held at RevoluSun’s showroom located at 210 Ward Ave. (

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