Have your koi been looking a little sad lately? Are they getting a bit crowded in that lovely little pond you installed years ago when you didn’t realize how much they would actually grow?

People find that having a koi pond is relaxing. You can feed the koi and watch them swim effortlessly around in their habitat. Koi have special needs, though, one of which is having a deeper pond than your average little fish would need. A koi pond also requires a good filter system that incorporates an ultraviolet sterilizer to keep your water crystal clear and free of floating algae.



In the mid ’80s, Big Rock came up with the idea to introduce do-it-yourself (DIY) pond-making to homeowners by using its own products. Co-owners Bonnie Cooper and Brian Joy realized the high-quality stone veneer and lightweight waterfall boulders they manufactured would be perfect to make a quick and easy pond, one that would last for many years.

Big Rock’s ponds were unique in that they were built above ground, eliminating the need to dig a hole. Its customers liked the idea and started making custom ponds on top of their lawns, without any digging. An average-sized pond could easily be finished within two days, and was even recognized as a fun family project.

It begins with stacking CMU cinder blocks to create the shape and the depth of the pond. Once that is done, simply coat with rubber liner and then cover the plain cinderblock with Big Rock’s moss rock, lava or coral veneer. The company’s lightweight boulders also can easily be made into waterfalls. Pumps are submersible, come in many sizes and now include excellent external filter systems.


There’s a big pond at Big Rock’s showroom, and the large koi are now 15 years old; they’re happy and healthy with plenty of room to swim. The pond they are in took only three days to complete, and it’s certainly much larger than anything you would want in your backyard.


Although Big Rock started with vinyl liners, the company soon decided to carry only 45-mil rubber liners, which are stronger, last longer and come with a 20-year warranty. Using a flexible rubber liner allows you to create any shape you want as opposed to the already formed hard-shell plastic ponds usually available.

For more information on this fun family project, contact Big Rock, and come by to see the company’s koi pond for yourself. There’s also a small display pond that’s only 1 foot deep, perfect for smaller fish.


So, if your koi are sadly overcrowded and look like they’d like a new home, or if you’d prefer a lovely small fishpond, Big Rock is the perfect place to go. Bring in some measurements and the company will let you know what you need!

contact // 834-ROCK (7625)
address // 1050 Kikowaena Place
web // www.bigrockhawaii.com