Looking to replace windows or doors in your home? Diamond Head Windows, Hawaii’s first choice for window replacement, has a formula that has made this process stress free:

First, contact Diamond Head Windows and set up an in-home consultation. Consultants are available evenings or weekends, and consultations take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes as there’s a lot to discuss. From a fiberglass window replacement to discussing double glazing and measurements, replacing a window requires a lot of thought.

This is not a “buy now” or pressure sales pitch. The company is confident in its products and pricing, and can help you find the best fit for your needs.


Next, during the consultation, you can discuss what you want to accomplish with your window replacement, as well as voice any current situations with your windows, such as improving operation, ventilation, comfort, privacy, security and appearance.

Diamond Head Windows carries seven major brands of windows available in vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass and wood, with most brands offering a lifetime warranty. Hawaii’s unique climate, with its combination of wind, salt and sun, can create real wear and tear or destroy many products.


Diamond Head Windows can help you choose products that have a proven endurance record in Hawaii. The company’s estimator will walk through your home and measure each of your openings, and inspect your windows and surrounding construction, then advise you on repairing any water damage, dry rot or termite damage.

The consultant will then sit down and show you the difference in the various window brands available in Hawaii, pros and cons, so that you can determine what is best for your home.


Diamond Head Windows has sample windows available so that you can see how they operate and what they will look like in your home. This includes different types of obscure glass, tints, grids, hardware and security options.

Once you have narrowed down the styles and options that you want for your home, the consultant can give you an estimate for each brand selected and advise you of any promotions or rebates being offered now or in the future. They also use a database to direct you to friends or neighbors who have installed windows that you are interested in, so that you can see what the windows look like installed, as well as find out what the clients’ experience has been with the company.

Remember that window replacement is not just about the quality of the replacement window. The other important elements are the installation itself and the warranty and service to back up your purchase.

Also, Diamond Head Windows does not use sub-contractors. The installers are highly trained employees with years of experience, who use the best quality caulking and fasteners.


Diamond Head Windows is the only distributor of Amerimax windows and doors, the only manufacturer in Hawaii with a lifetime warranty that covers screens, hardware and accidental glass breakage. Utilize Diamond Head Windows’ experience and variety of available products, so that you can get the windows and doors that fit your needs and budget.

You’ll see why your neighbors love its products and service. Call to set up a consultation at 419-7500.

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