Excellent products. Knowledgeable staff. Professional installers. These are things you’ll hear time and again from past and current Windows Hawaii customers.

Online reviewers are touting the company’s customer service, dependability, professionalism and workmanship. Specifically, customers list respectful, efficient and hard working to describe the installation team, while they favor Windows Hawaii’s myriad of products for their look, security and durability.


One of the reasons for Windows Hawaii’s rave reviews is the company’s selection of high quality windows made with Hawaii’s unique tropical climate in mind. Ali’i Extreme windows, for example, were created after a decade of research and development in finding the best materials to withstand Hawaii’s weather.

Windows Hawaii is proud to be an exclusive distributor. General manager Mario Garcia said, “Ali’i Extreme is the only window with a triple silver argentum coating specifically made to withstand the unique Hawaiian climate. This fact makes Ali’i Extreme the best window to consider when it comes to replacing windows on a home.”

Another reason why the company garners repeat customers has to do with its customer service. Customers recommend Windows Hawaii to friends and family because of the relationship they have with the entire team.


They know they will be working with people who are good at what they do and who care about their customers. It’s something they’ve come to expect, and that is clearly evident in the company’s customer reviews, testimonials and continued referrals.

It may not always be easy to consistently provide that high level of service, but Garcia says when it comes to Windows Hawaii customers, the effort is well-worth it. To him, creating a positive experience for his customers is rewarding.

Unlike other businesses that solely value sales, Garcia values his customers. In fact, he’s continually grateful for them. “I would like to thank all of our customers for choosing and trusting us. I know they have a choice,” he said.

contact // 671-0808 • 383-7233
address // 94-480 Akoki St. Unit 4
web // www.windows-hawaii.com