As you drive around the neighborhoods admiring holiday decorations, you can’t help but notice all the shiny solar PV panels on rooftops — especially if you haven’t got your own array yet. If producing your own solar power and reducing your electric bill is at the top of your Santa wish list, add PV to your shopping list!

John Yeh, director at Risource Energy, encourages you to call him soon, so that he and Risource Energy’s team of experts can answer your questions and address your concerns. “It’s not too late to take advantage of federal and state tax credits, now that HECO has started approving permits again,” Yeh said. “Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, it’s a matter of determining what’s the best option for you,” he added.


A consultation is free. If you choose Risource Energy as your PV provider, the company will be with you every step of the way, from determining your energy needs to applying for financing and permits, and all the way through installation and maintenance. You deserve top-quality panels and service, and Risource is committed to providing both.


Here are perfect PV panels for Hawaii’s unique environment

Risource Energy’s exclusive, top-quality, Japanese-made CIS (Copper, Indium and Selenium) PV panels are uniquely suited to Hawaii’s environment. Designed to withstand hot, humid, windy conditions, Risource Energy’s panels also generate power more quickly and steadily than competing panels, due to their “light soaking effect.” This technology harvests more sunlight than other options, generating more electricity, even in low-light conditions, caused by shade, cloud-cover or a flatter rooftop.

More power produced

Risource Energy’s Solar Frontier panels generate up to 14 percent more electricity than other panels. That can mean lower upfront costs, as you’ll need fewer panels to generate your power needs, as well as additional savings of up to 14 percent on your electric bills.

Truly green panels are eco-friendly and non-toxic


Solar energy is green, but Risource Energy’s panels go even greener, as they’re recyclable and free of toxic heavy metals such as lead.

Warranty and maintenance

All of Risource Energy’s Solar Frontier panels come with a 25 year warranty, and on top of this, Risource Energy provides a free 10 year warranty on installation and annual maintenance, inspection and cleaning. “We’re with our customers for the long run,” Yeh said.

Making it easy on you

Risource Energy is locally owned and understands homeowners’ concerns. Its experts will walk you through the process and paperwork. So if a solar PV panel system is what you want, call Risource Energy, the “Solar Santa.”

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