While you’re making resolutions and setting goals for the new year, consider updating the look of your home. Utilizing these fresh, new color suggestions for 2015 can help.

Brightened bedroom

Pair a subtle neutral shade with brights and whites for a balanced design, and snooze in style with quaint and quiet color. To complete the look, give your bed a fresh update with a new pintuck duvet cover. Accessorize with decorative pillows, curtains or rugs in shades of blue.

Enlivened living space

Dial up the color in your living room by trying a robust color like teal. When matched with natural wood finishes and soft, sophisticated tones, this color allows you to live a little but still maintains that quintessential, down-to-earth feel.


Taste perfection


If your kitchen or dining room could use a taste of color, consider strawberry shades. Rich reds with attitude, these hues add fun flavor to any room. Achieve balance by using a contrasting color. For example, try incorporating darker accent pieces or white cabinetry.

Powder room blues

A chic look starts with blue hues on the walls, and continues in key accessories like area rugs or hand towels. Finish the room by adding a new mirror to open up your space and other storage, such as open shelving, to minimize counter clutter.

Space that ‘works’

If you’re in need of a quick overhaul of your home office, go for a confident, intense paint color like coal blue. A strong, deep blue, this hue is proof that walls really do support the room. Combine with a single complementary hue in comfortable furnishings and accessories, and you’ll be finding excuses to work from home every day.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.