As the holidays quickly approach, we often scramble to figure out gift ideas for the adult members in our household. Often, the older and more established a person becomes, the harder he or she is to shop for.

Don’t buy these family members something that they will likely return or never use. Stop and think about something that will genuinely benefit them for years to come. When you ask Grandma and Grandpa what they would like as a gift, and they tell you “No need,” check and see if they have a water guzzling 3.5-7 gallon per flush toilet. Simply changing their toilet to a Water Sense approved Toto toilet not only ensures water/sewer cost savings, but also makes it easier for them to get up and down with Toto comfort height bowls.



A Washlet is another great gift idea. Almost every person who uses a Washlet for the first time becomes an immediate convert, since everyone enjoys feeling clean. Every holiday season, the company sees this phenomenon and hears about it throughout the year from grateful customers.

Faucets and showerheads are other items that can easily be changed and provide a more pleasant daily restroom experience. Switching to a handheld can add versatility to an existing bath.

This is especially useful for bathing pets, small children or converting to a seated shower. These truly are the gifts that keep on giving, since the recipient is sure to use them every day.



Changing out old, dingy light fixtures and accessories for nicer, newer ones, is one of the easiest yet most effective changes a person can make to a bathroom. Brightening up the bathroom space results in a safer environment for the entire family.

Replacing an ugly shower curtain with a beautiful glass enclosure can change the entire look of a bathroom space. Usually the family members who could benefit the most from updating their bathrooms are also the most resistant to doing so for themselves.

By giving these fixtures as gifts, it can often get the ball rolling and open their eyes to their bathroom’s potential. Come visit the friendly professionals at The Bathroom Store, and let them help you pick out that perfect gift this holiday season.

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