Homeowners and businesses can only ignore the cracks in their outdated and damaged floors for so long. The delay is understandable of course, with time, convenience and costs to think about, but Floor Coverings International Oahu promises quality service and material at competitive but reasonable prices. The company not only supplies and installs floors, but also strives to make the entire flooring process easy for its clients.


Floor Coverings International Oahu takes pride in its “mobile showroom,” which includes sample products and materials, allowing the company to be accessible anywhere on the island. The company is also able to meet interested clients wherever is most convenient, creating a hands-on and very visual consultation, free of charge.


Also, with the “mobile showroom,” design consultants are able to draw up a proposal on-the-spot, to give clients an exact idea of what can be expected. The company believes “that it is in your own environment, surrounded by the things you love and the treasures and memories of your life, that you can make the best decisions around which flooring solutions work best for you.”

Floor Coverings International Oahu also values clients’ time, because it understands that making time for life in general is tough enough. With this in mind, the company works extra hard to work around your schedule, making it the most convenient for you. Along with outstanding product warranties, Floor Coverings International Oahu takes it one step further by promising to uphold a 2-year installation warranty for the services provided.



The company offers more than 3,000 flooring options, including hardwood, carpet, natural stone and tile, luxury vinyl, laminates and area rugs in a wide array of textures, compositions and colors. Furthermore, being part of a franchise, Floor Coverings International Oahu has a close relationship with the top flooring manufacturing companies, ensuring endless supplies and support for Hawaii families and their flooring needs, and at the same time offering the aloha of an intimate, family-owned and operated business.

Floor Coverings International Oahu knows all too well that home and business owners look for durability and quality when building a secure foundation for their families to put their feet on (literally). The company gladly extends its family circle to each and every client, creating a client-contractor relationship built upon trust and respect.

The team at Floor Coverings International Oahu also recognizes that a flooring project is not a small investment, and that by hiring their services, you are also investing in them. The company promises nothing short of that: “Homeowners make an investment in us, so we do the same and invest everything we can in them and into making their home — exactly how they want it to be.”


For a free, in-home consultation, call Floor Coverings International Oahu now and become part of the family.

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