Designers are often drawn to a simple, modern look — however, layering unique patterns and textures in the home is a quickly growing trend. Keep your space harmonized, yet distinct, with the tips outlined below.

Fancy frames

If your room is small, expand your space with a mirror collage featuring a variety of shapes and varnishes. Is your heart set on a colorful patterned wallpaper? Showcase your favorite print in a large frame for a beautiful living room backdrop to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Art fans should collect a variety of frames in different finishes and styles to create a “living room gallery” featuring a beautiful art display.

Transitional design


For a distinct kitchen environment, combine an artisan feel with sophisticated technology. For instance, the Artesso collection by Brizo features an industrial yet refined design that works in both contemporary and traditional kitchens.


Pillow patterns

While it’s fun to mix and match, certain textures complement each other better than others. Linens and wool tend to look better with woven fabrics, while shiny and matte fabrics are best kept separate.

Rugs on rugs

Layering is a design tactic that fashion and interior designers use to make a statement.


Start with a flat, neutral rug as your foundation and add a smaller, accent rug on top. Investing in a large rug with a subdued color is smart, but have fun with the accent rug.

Old, renewed

When thinking about your space, it’s important to remember that design inspiration can be found anywhere. Look for antique candle holders or paperweights. Check out antique shops or thrift stores for hidden treasures. When traveling, visit flea markets and local art fairs.

Transform an old object like a rustic slab of wood into a glossy countertop for your kitchen island. No matter where you travel, keep an eye out for timeworn treasures for your home.


This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.