Sandra was having trouble sleeping at night. The retired educator and tech company employee noticed that on certain days, she would wake up in the morning with an itchy throat and red eyes. “This year has been worse than ever,” she said. “All of the rain we’ve been getting has meant a lot of pollen in the air. We’ve also been having more VOG days than normal, and the volcanic gas is like pollution too.”

Sandra was at a loss for what to do. “Retail air purifiers aren’t designed to remove VOG, and can only remove small amounts with charcoal.



These charcoal absorption units saturate or wear out quickly.” It was when she visited her grandson that she first heard about the TRIO air purifier that he had been using for air quality.

The Trio air purifier uses a unique Pro-Cell PCO technology similar to the catalytic converter in a car to convert toxic contaminants into benign constituents, water and CO2. Better yet, the ProCell Catalyst doesn’t wear out or lose its effectiveness. “Earlier this year, when we had some prolonged Kona days, the authorities were advising folks to shut themselves in their homes or seek out places with AC,” Sandra said. “I can’t stay in the library the whole time.”


The portable Trio includes features found in clean rooms and high-tech environments, but the TRIO air purifier represents the first time this system has been put into a portable package that will work in homes that don’t have central air conditioning. It includes four stages of filtration to remove smoke and odors, including two layers of carbon and a hospital-grade HEPA filter to remove dust, dander and pollen. Retail price for the Trio air purifier is $1,095. Island Cooling LLC is Hawaii’s resource for energy efficient products that increase the quality of air in homes, as well as the enjoyment of Hawaii’s natural island climate, including Quiet Cool™ whole house fan systems, Eshield™ radiant barrier insulation and the Trio™ Portable Air Purification.


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